Land Use and Sustainable 

 Community Development  

Empty store fronts and vacant offices are too common in Mount Pleasant. Young families and empty nesters have a difficult time staying in the town they call home. Innovative leadership and a long-term plan are required to leverage the opportunities of a post-Covid world.


Joe will expand housing options available to first responders, teachers and recent retirees. Working from home and less trips to the office mean more time to volunteer and build a community.


Mount Pleasant is uniquely positioned to capitalize of these changes. Leadership is required to bring these opportunities forward.

 Service & Sacrifice 

are more than an American Flag Label pin.


It’s a commitment to something bigger, God, truth and justice and the courage to live up to those ideals by doing something for someone every day. 

 Public Safety 

As a first responder, Joe is committed to public safety and the safety of our police, fire and EMS professionals. Funding will be provided to deliver the latest innovation in training, equipment and technology which will combine to keep the community and first responders safe.


Our public safety personal will reflect the culture and demographics of the Mount Pleasant Community.

Accountability at all levels 

 of local government 

This new age requires a new approach and a more comprehensive out reach to the community.


Local leaders must be accountable and accessible and use technology to keep citizens appraised of progress and set-backs.


A contemporary communication strategy should also include a broader mix of traditional outreach methods like open town halls and constituent coffee chats.

 Why a Balanced Town 

 Board is Important? 

As we face the future we must be prepared for change. As a business executive I’ve learned that balance and flexibility are the keys to growth and renewal. 


A balanced Town Board means a broader experience base that will foster deeper consideration of the issues and drive better solutions.  


Balance and flexibility are the keys to leveraging change for the advantage of our community.

 Economic Growth, Taxes 

 and Local Fees 

Leaders at every level of local government must commit to keeping taxes low and expand growth through innovative, sustainable residential and commercial planning.


Expanding sustainable housing options for young families and empty nesters will broaden the tax base and drive economic growth. Local fees will be scrubbed to make it easier for families to make home improvements and participate in recreational activities.

  Bringing Neighbors     Together  

As a 20-year first responder Joe knows first-hand that people with  different politics can work together under difficult and dangerous circumstances to accomplish big things.