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Leadership that

works for you



I have been a first responder and active participant in my community since joining the Valhalla Fire Department following the tragic events of September 11th. While raising my kids and serving as a firefighter, I’ve worked a sales operations career for the Nestle Corporation.


I’m running for Mount Pleasant Town Supervisor because participating in my community through public service is a mission that is meaningful, and I want to help make Mount Pleasant a great place to live. 


Our campaign will be about making a difference and bringing neighbors together. As a 20-year first responder, I know first-hand that people with different politics can work together under difficult and dangerous circumstances to accomplish good things.


I believe that these things are possible: 


  • Delivering leadership at all levels of town government that is accountable and transparent. 

  • Strengthening public safety and having well-trained officers that de-escalate.

  • Committing to low taxes and expanding growth through innovative residential and commercial planning.

  • Driving economic growth and improving the environment along with access to open spaces.

  • Honoring the culture of our community and welcoming the opportunities diversity brings.


Change is the one constant in this world. As we face the future, we have to be prepared for change. As a business executive, I’ve learned that balance is the key to growth and renewal. A balanced board will drive a more balanced policy and prepare us for a safe and prosperous future in Mount Pleasant. 


Service and sacrifice are more than just wearing an American flag lapel pin. Service comes in all forms, and commitment requires the courage to live up to the ideals of sacrifice beyond parade marching. I believe it is possible to be of service to your community by doing something each day for someone else. 

My approach is honest, transparent, and hands-on; my goal is to take my business skills, paired with my community values, and apply them to improving the lives of the citizens of Mt. Pleasant.


Here’s how: 


  • Strengthen public safety and security

  • Commit to low taxes through expanded growth 

  • Insist on leadership accountability and transparency at all levels of town government

  • Drive innovative and sustainable residential and commercial planning

  • Improve access to recreational programs, parks, and open spaces


As Fire Commissioner, a first responder, scout leader, and basketball coach, I’ve strived to make a positive difference in everything I do. Serving the Town of Mount Pleasant as Supervisor is my commitment to improving our community through the challenges that are to come.


If you believe in working together, no matter your political background, and if you believe now is the time to commit to a reinvigoration of the values that make this community a great place, I would truly appreciate your vote.


Joe B.

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